Pipeline Construction & Maintenance Services

Pipeline Construction & Maintenance Services
Pipeline Construction and Pipeline Integrity Services
Pipeline maintenance & repairs
Pipeline Construction Services

Aziza MES Limited offers integrated Pipeline Construction & Maintenance Services which covers, fabrication, installation, assembling, hydro-testing, maintenance & repairs. These services are offered on Land, Swamp and offshore terrains.

Through purpose driven systems and procedures in place, we promote a culture of safety, strives to perform our services to the highest Quality Standards that is obtainable in the Oil & Gas industry.

Our pipeline construction scope covers:
• Fabrication Drawing
• Pre-construction Survey
• Clearing and Grading
• Pipe Fitting & Fabrication
• Pipe Erection and Mechanical Fitting
• Welding
• Composite Wrapping
• Hydrotesting
• Fabrication of Fowlines
• Pipeline Sectional Replacement
• Installation of Steel Structions
• Fabrication / Installation of Flow-lines

We are experienced in the construction of several inches’ pipelines including mainline construction utilizing mechanized or manual welding methods in a variety of geographic terrains encompassing prairie, muskeg, heavily forested and mountainous regions. Our capacity includes mainline spreads of modern pipeline construction equipment.

Pipeline Integrity Service

If your pipeline infrastructure is already in place, look to Aziza MES Limited for non-destructive examination of pipe and/or hydrostatic testing of operated pipeline to certify their ability for continual service.

Our pipeline integrity services include:

  • Investigative digs
  • Hydrostatic retests
  • Pipeline conversions (gas to oil and vice versa)
  • Replacements
  • Sleeve/Clock springs installation

Labour Resource Management

Our labour resource model provides temporary or full-time field personnel to supplement and/or support the client’s workforce.

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